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by Chumped

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Union Square 03:14
In the morning it's a game, we learn to navigate the crowds at Union Square. And the subway smells like shit but it's lovely isn't it? In the sense that it will take you anywhere. And we're all in this together. Yeah we're all in this together. But what does it all mean? Not a damn thing. And sometimes I sit too close but you would never know I'm just making sure that we are still alive. I'd like to think it lets me know that we are not alone at least until our stop arrives. We're all in this together. Yeah we're all in this together. But what does it all mean? Not a damn thing.
Someday 03:05
I sat here all day, thinking of nothing not doing a damn thing. But I lay here at night dreaming of one day amounting to something. And we spend way too much time convincing ourselves that there's just not enough. Tonight I'm living my life and telling the future to shut the fuck up. Where does time go? Shit if I know. I'm not quite sure how to focus on one thing my mind keeps on racing. These responsibilities keep piling up, breaking, and reaccumulating. I'm not quite sure that I can make it out alive. I'm over committing and frankly neglecting the things that make my life worth living. Why can't I say no? Just fucking say no. I vie for time. A constant fight over minutes and seconds and over the pace and intensity of work schedules and over the weeks and the days all those moments that fade away. I need some time to unwind let tonight be my escape.
My heart beats miles from here. In a town where everybody stays because no one has the will to change. I'm losing ground my dear in the footsteps of an empty dream I thought would save the world for me. Every day I grow a little more resentful of the choices that I did or didn't make. Wanted this to feel a little more eventful. Everyday that I'm awake just feels the same. You keep saying there's a way out. I keep searching but I haven't found the key. We're all running from our problems not going anywhere we really want to be. Don't let them shame you my dear for trying to make lemonade from shit they deal you every day. You need some change this year. Go make decisions for yourself instead of everybody else. Everyday you grow a little more resentful of the chances that you did or didn't take. Wanted this to feel a little more eventful. Everyday that you're awake just feels the same.
Eleanor 02:43
I put your record on. I sing the song you wrote. And you're a world away but I feel closer to home. I know I left behind things I've loved before but I give you my heart dearest Eleanor. Eleanor, remember when you used to drive me home? After I played you the first song I wrote, you said you thought it had potential. Eleanor, remember when we used to sit alone? We wouldn't speak over the stereo because we knew we didn't have to. Eleanor I know it's been a long time since we were young and full of longing, but I never let you go. Eleanor, remember when we used to hate the kids who didn't understand our politics? We didn't care we were self-righteous. Eleanor, we were all so full of suffering. We had a catalog of songs to sing that would help us to forget.
Let Him Lie 04:55
Don't be sorry for feeling stupid, for falling into love when you shouldn't. Because you're just friends until you aren't until he tells you all of the things you want to hear. Like, "you're so pretty. You don't deserve this. I can love you like no one has ever loved you." And you're so desperate that you believe it. You let him whisper in your ear until he hooks you. Let him lie til you feel better. You keep saying that it's the last time. That you're never going back. But you keep calling cause you're unhappy and he helps you to forget. And when he fucks you you feel wanted even if it only lasts for a moment. And when it's over you feel empty but you'd rather be deceived then be alone. Let him lie til you feel better. You can't love yourself. So you love someone else.
Do you find me beautiful? Do you still want me around? It's hard to read your thoughts when I fall asleep next to myself. You gave me Emily, I gave you movie screens. Asked you to marry me. I wasn't thinking clearly. I'm not a martyr. I'm not a saint. I never said that I was perfect, never said you were to blame. I wrote you poetry about the way we kissed. I guess its been a while. I just write grocery lists. Can you please get these things on your way from work? I wanna cook us dinner and make love afterward. I'm not a martyr. I'm not a saint. I never said that I was perfect, never said you were to blame. "When that which is. And that which was. Apart, intrinsic, stand" I'm still loving you the same.


Chumped is a indie pop-punk band comprised of four friends from Brooklyn, NY who like to drink and write songs about feelings. Drawing influence from the power pop structure and slacker sensibility of Superchunk, the poetic substance of Jawbreaker, along with the urgency and energy of RVIVR, they write songs that are emotive, powerful and catchy as hell. Chumped’s Self-Titled EP is the culmination of formative heartbreaks, quarter-life crises, and an acute penchant for being young and dumb. They really look forward to playing a show near you sometime maybe, they guess.


released October 8, 2013

Chumped is: Drew//Dan//Doug//Anika

All songs written by Chumped

Anchorless Records

Recorded, mixed & mastered by John Meredith at the Mollusk Studio

Cover photo by Liz Haaker


all rights reserved



Chumped Brooklyn, New York

We drink and write songs about feelings

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